Best Beaches on St. John in the US Virgin Islands

Unveil the Most Enchanting Beaches of the USVI during a full-day charter around st. john

Best Beaches on St. John

St. John is home to some of the most stunning and pristine beaches in the Caribbean. From the world-renowned Trunk Bay with its crystal-clear waters and famous underwater snorkeling trail, to the tranquil shores of Maho Bay, frequented by graceful sea turtles, each beach offers a unique slice of paradise.

This guide will take you on a journey to discover the hidden gems and popular havens of St. John, where the unspoiled beauty of nature is best explored by boat.


1. Maho Bay Beach

Maho Bay Beach, nestled in the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John, is renowned for its serene, sheltered waters, making it the calmest and most ideal location for snorkeling with sea turtles in the Virgin Islands.

This picturesque beach offers visitors a unique opportunity to swim alongside these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, creating an unforgettable experience in one of the most tranquil and beautiful settings in the Caribbean.

Maho Bay is typically our first stop during a full or half-day charter on Bonus Time!


2. Trunk Bay

Approaching Trunk Bay by boat offers a spectacular view of one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean, renowned for its postcard-perfect vistas and crystal-clear waters. This St. John gem is home to a unique underwater snorkel trail, where visitors can explore vibrant marine life and coral formations, making it not only a breathtaking sight from the sea but also an underwater adventure that's truly one-of-a-kind.

3. Cinnamon Bay

Cinnamon Bay on St. John is not only a place of natural beauty, with its long stretch of white sand and turquoise waters, but it also holds historical significance as a site once vital to the indigenous tribes of the island. This picturesque bay, framed by lush greenery and rolling hills, offers a glimpse into the rich cultural history of St. John, adding a layer of depth and intrigue to its stunning scenic appeal.

4. Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach on St. John, nestled close to the former site of the luxurious Caneel Bay Resort founded by Laurence Rockefeller, exudes an air of historical elegance alongside its natural beauty. This charming beach, with its soft sands and clear waters, offers a tranquil retreat, echoing the legacy of the famed resort known for blending upscale hospitality with the untouched allure of the Virgin Islands.


5. Francis Bay

Francis Bay Beach, located near its more frequented neighbor Maho Bay on St. John, offers a serene and picturesque anchorage for boaters seeking a quieter retreat. This less crowded beach boasts calm, clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling, revealing a vibrant underwater world just beneath the surface. Its slightly off-the-beaten-path location means visitors can enjoy the same stunning beauty and excellent aquatic conditions of the North Shore beaches, but with a more peaceful, undisturbed ambiance.

6.. Hansen Bay Beach

Hansen Bay Beach, located on the picturesque south side of St. John near Coral Bay, is an ideal stop during a full-day charter, especially when paired with a visit to Lime Out, the unique floating taco stand in the US Virgin Islands. This charming beach offers excellent snorkeling opportunities, where you can swim alongside sea turtles and explore the vibrant marine life circling Pelican Rock, making it a perfect blend of culinary delight and underwater adventure.

7. Salt Pond Bay

Salt Pond Bay, situated on the picturesque south side of St. John, beckons visitors with its clear, calm waters and a rich history of salt mining, evident in its name and the surrounding landscape. This tranquil bay is also the gateway to the scenic Ram Head Trail, a peninsula offering breathtaking views and a glimpse into the island's natural and cultural heritage, making it a must-visit destination for both nature lovers and history enthusiasts.

8. Lameshur Bay

Little Lameshur Bay, nestled on the south side of St. John, offers not just a stunning beach but also an adventure into history, with nearby sugar plantation ruins providing a scenic overlook of the bay.

This picturesque spot is an ideal final destination on a full-day charter around St. John aboard Bonus Time, where the blend of sun-kissed sands and rich historical exploration creates a perfect culmination to a day of discovery and relaxation.


Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands National Park on St. John is a spectacular natural haven, encompassing over half of the island and offering some of the most stunning landscapes in the Caribbean. Exploring this national park by boat is arguably the best way to fully experience its beauty, allowing easy access to its pristine coral reefs and secluded beaches that are otherwise difficult to reach by land.

Whether you're snorkeling in its vibrant coral gardens, lounging on untouched beaches, or simply cruising along its scenic coastline, a boat trip through Virgin Islands National Park unveils the unspoiled and breathtaking beauty of St. John in a truly unique way.

Visiting the Best St. John Beaches by Boat

To truly experience the best beaches of the US Virgin Islands, embark on a full day charter aboard Bonus Time, where every destination unfolds in its full glory from the unique perspective of the sea. Glide across crystal-clear waters, from the turtle-rich shores of Maho Bay to the breathtaking underwater trails of Trunk Bay, and discover secluded havens like Little Lameshur Bay, all while enjoying the comfort and luxury of your own private charter.

Book your journey with Bonus Time, and set sail for an unforgettable day of sun, sand, and sea, exploring the finest beaches the US Virgin Islands have to offer in style and exclusivity.