Best Snorkeling Sites on St. John in the US Virgin Islands

Unveil the Most Enchanting Snorkeling Reefs of the USVI during a full-day charter around st. john

Best Snorkeling Sites on St. John

Discover the underwater paradise of St. John in the US Virgin Islands, where some of the best snorkeling sites in the Caribbean await. Accessible primarily by boat, these hidden gems offer unparalleled snorkeling experiences, making a charter the ideal way to explore them. With a boat charter, you can effortlessly reach exclusive spots like Waterlemon Cay and the serene bays of Maho and Francis, where crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life create a snorkeler's dream.

Booking a charter not only provides you with the ease of reaching these secluded locations but also allows you to experience the diverse and vibrant underwater landscapes that make St. John a top snorkeling destination.

Looking for snorkeling in the BVI? Check out our full list of the best snorkeling sites in the British Virgin Islands during a full-day charter on Bonus Time.


1. Maho Bay

Maho Bay in St. John is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and the opportunity to snorkel alongside graceful sea turtles in their natural habitat. This idyllic bay, with its calm conditions and abundant marine life, offers one of the most serene and captivating snorkeling experiences in the US Virgin Islands.

Maho Bay is typically our first stop during a full or half-day charter on Bonus Time!


2. Waterlemon Cay

At Waterlemon Cay, snorkelers can explore a thriving underwater ecosystem, abundant with tropical fish, sea stars, and occasionally, wandering sea turtles. The clear waters around the cay allow for excellent visibility, making it an ideal spot for underwater photography and for those seeking a closer look at the diverse aquatic life in their natural habitat.


3. Hurricane Hole

Unique for its mangrove snorkeling, this area offers a rare opportunity to explore a different kind of marine ecosystem, where the roots of mangroves serve as nurseries for young fish. In Hurricane Hole, the intertwining roots of the mangroves create a unique underwater landscape, offering snorkelers a chance to witness the early stages of marine life in a serene and sheltered environment.

4. Salt Pond Bay

Known for its exceptionally calm conditions and strikingly blue water, Salt Pond Bay is a perfect spot for both novice and experienced snorkelers seeking a peaceful underwater experience.

We typically stop in Salt Pond Bay on our way back to Red Hook or Cruz Bay during a full-day charter around St. John.

salt pond bay aeriel view st john usvi bonus time charters

5. Little Lameshur

Offering a chance to swim with sea turtles, this bay also has nearby sugar plantation ruins onshore, making it ideal for those who want to combine snorkeling with historical exploration.


6. Trunk Bay

This world-famous beach features an underwater snorkel trail with interpretive signs, providing an educational and visually stunning snorkeling journey. This underwater trail at Trunk Bay is not only a snorkeler’s delight but also an educational journey, with signs offering insights into the local marine life and coral formations. The clear, warm waters enhance visibility, making it easy to spot a variety of tropical fish and other sea creatures, adding to the richness of this snorkeling experience.

the image displays trunk bay in virgin islands national park on st. john in the us virgin islands

7. Cinnamon Bay

Near Cinnamon Cay, this site includes an underwater stone pen used by indigenous tribes to trap large marine life, adding historical intrigue to its rich marine environment.

The underwater stone pen at Cinnamon Bay is a fascinating reminder of the ingenuity of the island's early inhabitants, blending history with the natural beauty of the marine world. Snorkelers at this site can explore this unique structure while being surrounded by a diverse array of fish and coral, making for an immersive and educational experience.


8. Tektite

Tektite, a snorkeling site on St. John, gets its name from a notable NASA underwater project and offers a spectacular view over a vibrant reef teeming with diverse fish and corals. This location, rich in marine life, also carries a unique historical significance, having once been an underwater habitat for researchers studying oceanic environments.

Snorkeling in Virgin Islands National Park and St. John

Virgin Islands National Park, encompassing much of St. John, is a snorkeling paradise, boasting some of the most pristine and untouched underwater environments in the Caribbean. The park's best snorkeling sites, known for their vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life, are often tucked away in secluded coves and bays, accessible only by boat.

This is where Bonus Time Charters comes in, offering the perfect way to reach these hidden gems, ensuring you don't miss out on the extraordinary snorkeling opportunities the park has to offer. With a charter on Bonus Time, you're guaranteed an exclusive and serene snorkeling experience, exploring the best of what Virgin Islands National Park has to offer.